Magenta LLC | 15160 New Avenue | Lockport, Illinois 60441

Magenta is the color of Sustainability

Magenta is the Color of Sustainability

Responsible stewards of our resources from manufacturing through product life cycle.

  • All of our products & materials are recyclable.

  • We regrind and reuse, or recycle, all of our scrap resin materials.

  • 100% of the water used in our manufacturing processes is reprocessed and reused. We utilize our own well water.

  • No chemical waste byproducts are produced during our manufacturing processes.

  • The facility was retrofitted with new high-efficiency HVAC systems and energy-efficient windows.

  • All new LED lighting was installed throughout the facility.

  • All storm water drains go through catch basins to ensure no trash or materials contaminate the run-off area.