Three Ways a Plastics Manufacturer Can Help You

food packaging containersThe plastics industry is much bigger than most people realize. In fact, the industry is worth nearly $373 billion, and it is the third largest manufacturing industry in America. With injection molding companies and 3D printing being in high demand, it also has one of the best industry outlooks in the world.

An IndustryWeek survey, however, showed that many manufacturers are moving their companies — 70% say they will move to the U.S. for more access to skilled workers. That’s more than four times the amount that said they would leave America. With such a strong outlook and influence, it’s only fitting to look at just how much of an impact this industry has on the world around us. Read on for three ways you may not realize they help!

Food and Drink Packaging
Food packaging containers are a big part of this industry, along with drink containers. Many of the food packaging containers you see on store shelves originated in a plastics factory before they moved on to the food or beverage factory to be filled.

Plastic Injection Molding
Injection molding is basically a process in which molten plastic is molded into shapes. From there, it can turn into a solid medical device, an empty container for food or drink, or any number of other things. The possibilities are just about endless with new technology and advances within the plastics industry. It is truly amazing, the work that is done here.

Plastic Medical Components
From pharmaceutical bottles to medical device injection molding, this industry provides many of the containers and pieces that allow the medical industry to be successful. In fact, many devices that help people literally stay alive are made possible by the work done in this industry.

Did you know any of this about the plastics industry? Does your business benefit from something they do?