3 Huge Benefits of Plastic Injection Molding

drinkware productsThe United States plastics industry is huge, shipping more than $373 billion in goods in a single year. Plastic injection molding is becoming incredibly popular within this industry thanks to its numerous benefits. In 2013, transactions for automotive plastics decreased while strategic buyers focused on acquiring plastic injection molding suppliers. Plastic injection molding manufacturers are spreading through the country, now having 16,000 locations spread throughout all 50 states. It all comes down to the big advantages this process gives to companies that use it.

Custom Made Products
One of the biggest benefits of this process is the fact that it allows the company to customize it for their needs. You can do virtually anything with your product, which is especially helpful; for example, custom options can help drinkware products stand out from the competition. Being able to customize your product to reflect your company and what you believe your consumer wants in a product can yield huge results!

While it depends of course on the tools and techniques you employ within your company, injection molding is proven to be more consistent and accurate than other plastic processing. This means fewer accidents and less product waste, which not only saves you money, but allows you to push out more of the correct product on any given day.

Fast Production
Injection molding is also a great choice if you consistently need large batches of a product very quickly. Again using the example of drinkware products, when you need to get a large order out, this process allows you to do it quickly, efficiently, and accurately. Again, this depends on your products and tools, but most injection molding systems take about 15 to 30 seconds per cycle, which allows for a potential thousands of products per hour to be made.

Did you realize that there were so many benefits to the plastic injection molding process? What do you think would be the biggest benefit for your business?